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The Robber Bride,
by Margaret Atwood
Nobody writes better than Margaret Atwood. Here's my essay on her masterpiece, The Robber Bride. [more...]

Code Talkers
American Indian languages provided unbreakable wartime codes, and American Indian soldiers were the key to victory in the Pacific. [more...]

Four Walks,
and Four More

... was a gift for a friend who found my fiction too dark and hopeless. It was selected for presentation at the 2002 Western Literature Association. [more...]

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Writing Well

Tools and advice for the dissatisfied writer. Writing well is an art and a craft. What is an artist or craftsman, without tools? This series of essays provides tools for the beginner and the seasoned pro. [more...]

Link Letters

Dog types! Emails from the enthusiastic toes of Link.
Today: Bad dude under the truck.... [more]

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"Dancing Badger"?
Why "Dancing Badger"?

Here's the short answer, attached to a series of essays in honor of my favorite family, the mustelids. [more...]

Book Reviews:

Find Me, by Carol O'Connell

This Kathy Mallory novel is troubling, but a keeper. Find Me is more akin to Stone Angel than to the standard New York crime story, with elements reminiscient of Judas Child. Kathy is looking for her father, and he may be a serial killer. [more...]

In Memoriam: Crom
1991 - 2004

"Such a good boy."