Websites devoted to Marilyn Monroe

Most of these sites will take you to a host of others, including sites maintained by photographers of Monroe.

  • The premiere Monroe site, by most opinions, is maintained out of the University of Illinois.
  • The best source for more links is Courtney's page. I confess I find this one more engaging than the UIUC site. Be warned, as of mid-June, it seems to have been pulled down.
  • The UChicago site is the best for pictures and has a wide variety of links. It also seems to be maintained a little better than the others.
  • Contrary to the reference in American Photo, the 'official' MM home page is maintained by her estate. It's pretty uninspired, for all its officiality.
  • Do not miss the Milton H. Greene archive. Gorgeous online reproductions of some of great photos.
  • The Bert Stern site also has some rare and interesting Monroe pictures.

These are only the tip of the iceberg. There are probably a hundred sites to dig through, if you are interested. These will get you started.