Bread and Blood

Comfortable Words

I want to come to you like thunder in a canyon far away.

Let the chance of flash flood touch your spine:

Who knows, in this net of cloven stones,

What channels link to channels linked to yours?

I want to come upon you in a clearing of my mind.

Let the vision strike me suddenly,

your face a fox resolving from

fall leaves not fallen yet.

I want to come with you to places from your childhood.

Let the places be your history,

forest my memory with the trees you played in,

with the gravestones hurdled in your own wild hunt,

stones you lay upon to speak nonsense with friends.

I want to comfort you with words like water,

Folding your hands in love's origami.

I will lave your shoulders with my eyes.

I will rinse your hair with my desire.

I will wash your sadness like fresh wounds.

I will fall upon you like mist.

I want to comfort you with words like clouds,

Spinning sweet imaginings to make you smile.

I will take you to fair havens,

to a place dark, soft, and warm.

We will dance through that domain unmoving,

still as planets, cold as stars.

I will kneel before your perfect body,

and no one, no one but your belly,

hear the words my mouth will say.

I want to comfort you with words like stones,

Not precious stones but merely true as granite.

It is true, all true.

It is real, all real.

It is now, and love means nothing.

Nothing in these words is real.

Only you are real.

I am real.

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