River Stones

The Wrath of Love

My love is merciless.

It beats you till you're all one bruise,

Battering like butterflies,

Strokes relentless as breeze

on your arm's hair.

My love's the jaguar in your forest.

Wear leaves, stand still as trees,

Still it knows its prey.

Flee my love and it pursues.

You hear its breath behind you;

It scents you

down the deepest cover

of your refuge.

My love is the five degrees

Of fever in your blood,

Leaving you breathless,

Natural as plague,

Fiery as roses.

My love sheathes itself in your heart;

Your blood oils the blade.

My love is a sea of teeth;

The ocean becomes you.

My love is a garment of coils;

Your resistance makes your strength.

My love clicks at your heels;

Flight from white teeth hones your limbs.

My love drinks you and is filled.

My love feeds the grass where you graze,

consuming my soul and my love.

My love is enskied in your air;

Breath me and blossom.

Poetry Writing Dancing Badger