Beautiful Noise

Zorba Teaches Dancing

Love is simple, answering all our needs.

Filling the empty, aching heart, it feeds

Souls starved for sunlight through the winter's pall.

A heart fed so warms in bitter cold. All

Joyful seasons wear love bright on their brow,

Garlanded round with light, no matter how

Night darkens. Let sun sink; it soon returns.

Cruel night grows short and sweet, when our love burns.

Magic love, key to every poem I write,

Years cannot tarnish. It gleams in the night,

Lending fire to a dwindling, waning sun.

Bouyed by love, we choose the course we run.

Vital truths rest sheltered in love's care,

We seize the key to freedom, if we dare.

–December, 2001

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