Bread and Blood

Pearl Anatomy

Pearl is not stone.

Pink as baby skin,

Pearl is not pure

White but touched with blood.

Not clear as water, glass, or diamond,

Pearl is alive.

Put light behind pearl;

It will not pass through:


Pearl makes corona of the light;

Pearl pinks the pure.

Pearl makes light live.

Taste pearl:

Taste the sea calcined,

Taste the shapeless meat

That fashioned perfect shape,

Taste the salt of water

In the lip's corner tidal pool,

Taste sweetness,

Taste pain rounded to beauty,

Taste stone silk,

Taste gone flesh, gone soft flesh.

Look through pearl:

You see just pearl.

Imagine pearl:

The monad incarnate.

The round as flesh.

Love's blasting cap.

Still bullet the body rushes to meet.

Edgeless dagger;

Endless blade all edge.

The one itself and all.

Touch pearl:

Pearl rolls beneath the touch,

Upsets you.

Pearl is everywhere the same,

Therefore, infinite.

Pearl fits the fingers, fits the mouth.

Pearl is warm as day, or cold.

Pearl is hard as stone.

Pearl is not stone.

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