Beautiful Noise

Riding the Mare

Understand, the mare is neither tool or slave.

Riding the mare, you are not master but mind–

Two minds: mutual, they make the ride; when

They diverge, all marred. Marry your mind

To the mare, colabor to a chosen end, and

Then the music of the ride is harmony,

The motion carries man and horse

Together. You are half the body:

Four legs, two arms, eyes and heads:

A centaur now all one.

Let the mare know your will and choose

Your way. The mare will not bridle, will not

Balk, will make your way her way. Force

Hinders. Guide, not steer, your eyes her eyes;

Her hunger then to fill your stomach, her desire

Your wish, your will her way, the way of both.

So it is in other things.

–June, 1996

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