Bread and Blood


There is just one sidhe.

I waken slowly.

I see that you are watching me,

and I am, suddenly, awake.

Your eyes, sometimes, do not look meanings.

You are she

who judges, she

who watches in the dark, she

who possesses me.

I speak of love.

I hear my words but do not comprehend them,

The words a language I don't understand.

The words mean what they choose to mean.

The words are not mine;

I am responsible for them.

You are she

who listens, she

who makes the meaning, she

who hears herself in my words.

I touch your body.

Your body touches me,

and I am, suddenly, a god.

I move on the surface of the waters.

You are the ocean my fleet sails,

You are the sea I whale across,

You are the desert where I drown;

you salvage me.

You are she

who desires, she

who takes my body, she

who is herself the motion of my love.


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