Beautiful Noise

Siamese Fighting Fish


Cambodian red,

Color of spilt blood,

Of ripe plums,

You face the glass.

You see the always unfamiliar

Image of yourself.

I watch, unseen

(My presence sensed),

Obscured by glare

That makes a mirror part us.

Your dance is not for me.


Fierce Hummingbird!

Huitzili! Huitzili!

Frail warrior!

Side fins


As you dash,


Under hard gill covers,

Plumes of delicate flesh



Splendid mastery,

Conscious pride:

The battle is the dance, bloodless,

Scarlet ballet of ribboned banners,

Weapons flowers,

Shield of flowers,

Victories tallied not in deaths but in

Precision, consummate, of gesture;

Flaring the veil in gestures.


Swelling flame of gill-flesh,

Sidelong drift of phallic body,

Arrested dart,

Humming side fins:

Warrior gestures!


You dance

Your battle

Of flesh and image,


In your flowery war.


Poetry Writing Dancing Badger